SnowPulse Update

The range of inflating avalanche safety packs from SnowPulse that we sell have seen a few changes in the last month.

At first launch the LifeBag range featured a modular back with 3 different sizes of zip on pack.† Sadly these have been withdrawn. Nothing wrong with the product, in fact perhaps they were a little too good because ABS (Snowpulse’s main competitor) have claimed that the Snowpulse packs infringe their patent.† Zip off packs that change volume are nothing new but for whatever reason they have been withdrawn.

So now the SnowPulse Lifebag range are 3 fixed size of pack, 15, 30 and 45 Litres. Each pack is available in† 2 back lengths Medium and Large. See below.

Anyone who got one of the modular packs is fine because they were sold before the patent was challenged and there is a good chance that in the long term we could see the return of the modular system but nothing is certain in this world.

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