Tikka 2 XP vs Tikka XP Original


Took my new Tikka 2 XP out for it’s first test last night, a wet & windy run on Ilkley Moor. The Tikka 2 XP now has the same body as all the other Tikka2’s rather than the oblong that it used to be and is 7g lighter than the original. The new shape does make it bounce less on the forehead but it still needs to be used with the adapt kit head strap to eliminate all the bounce. The light was a nice white colour and the single button with no boost is much easier to use than the old Tikka XP’s 2 buttons. The new Tikka2 XP has an extra 20 Lumens over the original and was easily bright enough for night running on smooth trails (where I used the diffuser) but I needed to use the spot for rougher downhill trails and more technical ground.
The extra power and single button design make the Tikka2 XP a excellent revision of an already sound torch.

Below are some beam comparison shots, taken in my garage. Both lamps have fresh alkaline batteries.

High Power Setting. Tikka 2 XP on left, Original Tikka XP on right
High Power Setting. Tikka 2 XP on left, Original Tikka XP in Boost Mode on right
Tikka 2 XP High Power using diffuser
Original Tikka XP High Power using diffuser

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