The Lure of Everest, Dave Bunting

Here is an evening lecture that could be of interest to those in the West Yorkshire area. The lecture raises money for some altitude acclimatisation research being done by Leeds Met University and a connected Katmandu charity.

An evening with Dave Bunting MBE 11th September 2009,
The Rose Bowl,Leeds @ 7.30pm

Tickets on sale now @ Only 10.00
Online bookings:

Dave Bunting MBE was the inspiration behind and the leader of the British Army West Ridge Expedition 2006. He has been climbing for over twenty years and his passion for high altitude mountaineering has seen him undertake expeditions across the world including to 9 Himalayan peaks.
Dave presents his experiences and endeavours on the Everest West Ridge Expedition 2006 which has also featured as a Bravo documentary. Everest has never been summited via the notoriously difficult west ridge route by a British climber.

Hear his amazing story of fulfilling a dream, the adventures and mishaps
along the way and marvel at some truly spectacular photography.

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