New Petzl Compact LED Lamps

Petzl have released their new range of compact LED lamps in the UK. The replacements for the popular Tikkina, Tikka and Zipka range have imaginatively been named the Tikkina 2, Tikka 2 and Zipka 2. As usual with LED lamp upgrades the same model names now offer brighter outputs AND longer battery life than their predecessors. The few flaws with the old lamps have been ironed out (namely the batteries pinging out when you opened them and the switches) and all the lamps except the Tikkina can now be used with Lithium batteries to make them lighter in use and give better performance in cold environments. All the lamps are available in 2 colours except the Tikkina which available in 4!

The new lights will be in stock from Monday 24 August 2009. Order one now for immediate delivery.

Check out the full range below.

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