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“Dakine Heli Pack: I purchased this pack for backcountry snowboarding. My other pack was too big for simple day riding, so I thought I would try a better size day-pack.
The Dakine Heli pack has just enough room for my Shovel, Probe, Water and a spare layer of clothing. It is small enough to be unnoticed even on chairlifts. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a simple day pack. The snowboard carry system works well, and it can also carry skis. Negatives: It’s a bit small for bigger days out where you need to carry more food and clothing. Maybe consider the Dakine Heli Pro pack.”

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This pack is Ace.” or “This pack is rubbish

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14 thoughts on “Share your experiences and save with

  1. I brought the sweet trooper half cut it olive grey. Very pleased With the helmet what a great fit and amazingly light helmet. Would recommend the helmet 2 any one.

  2. I recently purchased a Boeri Roller helmet. The purchase was made mainly after “peer” pressure, as I have never worn a helmet, and very rarely wear any sort of head gear, finding it irritating. I thought the helmet would soon be offered to the highest bidder! However, I am delighted. It is so light and comfortable to wear, and does not interfere with my vision, even when wearing goggles. Once put on it is soon forgotten. Very highly recommended, particularly at the price.

  3. I purchased the Suunto Core All Black and was impressed when I was called personally to be informed that the item was not in stock but soon to be dispatched once back in stock.
    The product in itself is pretty good, has a broad range of useful functions, though would benefit from a couple more that are available across the remainder of the Suunto range such as integration with a heart rate monitor. Overall very happy with functionality and service received from Facewest.

  4. I recently purchsed a Helly Hansen Warm Pant base layer. I already owned the warm base layer top and was looking for the leggings as the top had been fantastic. They were needed as I compete in clay target shooting, and when training outside in the winter months you can get very cold. I tried the leggings along with the top on a fairly cold day (~6oC) on top of an exposed hill, and they were fantastic. They are lightweight and very flexible, so that they don’t restrict any movement, yet they kept me very warm, and I suspect they would be perfect on very cold days, particularly matched up with a good mid-layer.

  5. Suunto Battery Kit Type 1: Not something you will need to buy very often (my last Vector battery lasted five years and an attempt to trek Tharpu Chuli in the Annapurna Sanctuary!) but when you eventually do, self replacement of the battery could not be easier; no inconvenient, time consuming and expensive trips to a jewellers. The kit very wisely includes an O ring seal to maintain a waterproof battery compartment and a new battery compartment cover. At first I thought this was a touch of overkill but having mangled the old one taking it off with a butter-knife I realised the benefit. That said, I reckon this is one job that can be done with a 2p coin, in a tent, by head-torch.

  6. Suunto Black Elastic Strap: My Suunto Vector has become an essential piece of kit for navigating the Cairngorm Plateau when visibility is poor. But hidden under various cuffs and a glove made access difficult and faffy. The elasticated strap (which also features a sliding buckle for larger adjustments) allows me to wear the Vector on the outside of my clothing, making buttons easily accessible and the display visible at a glance. Replacing the original resin strap was straightforward although a very small screwdriver will help. A suitable surface to catch any tiny falling screws is also recommended. Don’t try it in a tent with a 1p coin!

  7. I initially purchased Exped Dry Fold Bag – size medium and small – when they arrived- (delivery was quick!!) i put them to use – not only were they practical, lightweight and useful they were affordable. I then placed an order for XS and XXS – again was pleased as they are different colours so easy to find when packing – I will be using the bags for holidays (to keep items dry) but also for everyday to separate drinks bottles from other items knowing they are safe and if there are any leaks everything is protected. I would definitely recommend all items for quality and price.

  8. I purchased 2 Nalgene 500ml narrow mouth bottle from the Tritan series.
    My main reason was that they are BPA free.

    I was concerned about the ‘narrow mouth’ aspect but I found that they are in fact rather comfortable. The cap also seals wells and grips easily round your hand.

    The taste of the water left in them (for days sometimes) remains absolutely neutral. There is no indication that the water has been stored in the bottle, which is what you want.

    Higlhy recommended.

  9. I purchased the Primus ETA Express stove for a two-day wild camping adventure in the Black Mountains with a friend of mine. I’d seen a review in the latest issue of Trail magazine and all looked good. It does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s light, has good fuel efficiency, you can buy gas canisters small enough to fit inside the ‘pan’ so it takes up veyr little space in your pack. It heats things up really fast too. Really glad I bought it. Be aware that the 1 litre pan pretty much makes this a 1 person stove – it would be hard to make a meal for two with just this.

  10. At the same time as purchasing my Thermarest Trail pro mat I also bought my backpacking tent – the Marmot Grid 2P. What a tent! I love it! It’s easy to pitch, as it has a ‘fast storm pitch’ method which essentially means the inner and outer are connected together in the bag for you – takes about 4 min to get the whole thing up. you CAN separate the inner and outer, say if it was wet and you wanted to pack them separately (which I ended up needing to do on its maiden voyage) but the fact that, if dry, you can pack it away as a ‘single skin’ kind of tent is great – makes the next pitch SO simple! It’s very stable and warm inside too. It says 2Person and it means 2 people, providing you’re happy to feel cosy. There’s not BAGS of space inside, but then you don’t tend to expect that from a backpacking tent. Loved the deisgn, loved the colour, nice and light. A great buy.

  11. Hi all

    I purchased a slleping mat from Facewest a few weeks ago – the Thermarest Trail Pro. I’d had a Trail Lite in the past, which is 3.8 cm thick, and had found it ‘okay’ in the comfort dept. but I was looking for something a bit more luxurious, that wouldn’t have a huge impact on space or weight. I found the Trail Pro mat and was surprised on the specs – same R value so just as warm, same weight as the Trail lite, but over a cm thicker. May not sound much, but from experience it was much better. Loved it. Used it for a two day wild camp in the Black Mountains and was the envy of my travel mate, who had a mre 3cm mat. Sucker.

  12. I purchased the Mountain Equipment Ama Dablam Jacket recently, and I’m very pleased with the product. Plenty of attention has been paid to the features, for example the hood adjusters are concealed in the collar. The cut and sizing are perfect for me, and the front pockets can be used with a pack, without having to mess with the pack straps. The material feels soft to the touch, though it’s clear that it’s quite tough. It feels comfortable to wear, and no overheating on warm days, with sturdy well made pit zip vents. Very good value for money I reckon.

  13. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your comments about the Cocoon Liner, we’ve added your review on the page and the points to your account.


  14. I purchased the Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner back in December, its light comfortable, adds a couple of degrees to your bag in Winter, and amazingly feels cooler in the summer.
    On top of that the bag helps maintain the freshness of my Down bag, the cocoon is easy to care for and a great buy.

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