Marmot Strata Membrane – The Future?

You might not believe it but this week I am ordering our product range for Spring 2010. In these uncertain times it’s not an easy task, trying to gauge what will happen next year on the first part of this summer. One trend I have spotted is that our customers (you) seem to have turned your backs on waterproof jackets that are coated rather than membrane. Even at lower price points (sub £150) consumers now seem to expect the extra performance that comes from a membrane. The best value membrane we have is £100 and this is selling better than sub £100 coated jackets which suggests you are willing to pay more for a similar jacket with a membrane.

The good news is that Marmot have built on the success of their Mica Jacket, made with their own Strata Membrane, and have a whole range of jackets and pants for next spring with this excellent fabric. The current Mica continues, but it’s total commitment to lightweight performance means it’s not for everyone, so Marmot have made more durable and stretch versions of the Strata Membrane to appeal to a wider range of users. Even the Stretch Man Jacket, which tops the range, will retail for only £150

Check out the current Mica here.

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