The perfect strap pocket?

I am recce-ing the Bob Graham Round for an attemp next May. I always run with a map in my left hand and compass in the right. I have each leg of the round as a route in my GPS as a back up. I want to be able to consult my GPS quickly with no zips or messing around and for it to be secure and not bouncing when I am running. After testing a few bad ideas, 2 good shoulder pockets come along at once!

Last week Exped revised their range of crush dry bags and added the XXXS Size with velcro straps to attach to a pack shoulder strap. This dry bag also has an inner foam liner which keeps everything snug and padded. In it’s original form this is a roll top drybag for water tight storage, however with some minor work with scissors and duck tape I had the perfect strap pocket.

Not 3 days later we received our first delivery from Inov 8 and inside was their spare pocket accessory. No padding in this pocket but you could easily add some. The pocket is zipped so you can choose to leave the zip open or have it partially closed depending on the size of your item or how often you wanted to access it. The Inov 8 pocket also has velcro straps that allow it to be mounted horizontally on a waist belt, which would be very useful if using a bum bag rather than a back pack. Another top solution to my problem.

Both these pockets work equally well for GPS, Phones, Cameras or food.

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