Kevin & Rachael at the LAMM

The weekend saw Kevin and Rachael driving up to the NW of Scotland to join the other 1000+ competitors for the 16th LAMM at Kintail. They had entered the score event since a lack of fell miles in their legs meant they could shorten the days and still post a score. As it happens they completed a 7hr Saturday and 6hr Sunday without too many mishaps finishing 32 overall.

Kevin & Rachael at the LAMM

The forecast had been bad with wintry showers and cold winds on the tops but apart from a wet trip up on the Friday afternoon the weather for them was good – sunny periods in the main although snow showers could be seen around on Saturday afternoon.

The course was spectacular with munros peppering the area. The ground conditions were soft but not over wet making the running on ridges firm and in valleys bouncy. Deer abounded and midges extraordinarily didn’t. However those other little creatures – deer ticks – were in evidence. Inspections of those warm damp places revealed a few of the tiny spidery little beasties.

Running through the cotton grass
Running through the cotton grass - day 1

Oh the joys of the LAMM: the chance to renew old friendships and soak up the atmosphere on Friday evening; checking the size and weight of competitors’ sacks before the start; running along ridges with views to die for; that delicious first cup-o-soup, the piper reveille and the slit trenches at the half way camp; coming round a spur and disturbing a group of deer only a few feet away; the emotion of finishing with 5 mins to spare; Wilf’s bean stew.

Passing lochans - day 2
Passing lochans - day 2

Then the prizegiving (assuming you’re back in time). The highlight had to be the special prize donated by Lowe Alpine for Brian Layton who completed his 100th mountain marathon at Kintail – fantastic.

What next? The Saunders?

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