Silva comes to Facewest

Silva becomes the latest brand to come to Facewest, continuing our policy to only have equipment from tried and tested brands. When it comes to Compasses and Lighting Silva have always been at the forefront of Orienteering and General Navigation. Orienteering has been expanded lately in adventure racing but it’s the same thing on a larger scale. Silva have produced some lighting that appeals to the whole outdoor market and not just orienteers. Check out our initial offering below.

 Silva L1 Headtorch 69.95
63m beam or 200 hour burn time. Belt or head battery. 226g
 Silva L2 Headtorch 39.95
35m Regulated Beam. 85H burn time. 165g
 Silva L4 Headtorch 19.95
4 LEDs with Night Vision Mode. 90h burn time. 82g
 Silva 5 Jet Compass 59.95
Fell & Mountain Running Compass
 Silva 6 Jet Spectra Thumb Compass 59.95
Competition Orienteering Thumb Compass
 Silva Expedition 15 Compass 39.95
Expedition sighting compass
 Silva Expedition 4 Compass 24.95
Bet selling compass in the UK. Degrees or Mils
 Silva Ranger 3 Compass 17.95
Full size baseplate compass
 Silva Voyager 9020 Compass 14.95
Compact globally balanced compass
 Silva Field 7 Compass 11.95
Compact Degree Compass
 Silva Clip On 19NL Compass 9.95
Simple orientation compass with clip
 Silva L1 Running Belt Acessory 9.95
Convert your L1 into an L1 belt.
 Silva Diffusion Lenses 5.95
Red and Clear floodlight lenses
 Silva Spare Compass Scales 1.00
Change your romer to match the map