More New Black Diamond Products

Continuing our expansion of the Black Diamond Range we now stock a range of locking and non locking carabiners, quick draws, micro stoppers, and Belay Devices.

 Black Diamond Airlock Carabiner £8.99
Large lightweight HMS screwgate, 75g.
 Black Diamond RockLock Carabiner £10.99
Large HMS screwgate carabiner, 85g.
 Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Carabiner £9.99
Lightweight screwgate carabiner, 56g.
 Black Diamond Positron Straight Carabiner £7.50
Large straight gate carabiner, 49g.
 Black Diamond Positron Bent Carabiner £7.50
Large bent gate carabiner, 49g.
 Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiner £6.99
Lightweight wiregate carabiner, 36g.
Black Diamond Hotwire Carabiner £6.50
Large wiregate carabiner, 45g.
 Black Diamond Oz Carabiner £7.50
Superlight wiregate carabiner, 28g.
 Black Diamond Positron Set £13.99
Keylock quickdraw, 105g.
Black Diamond Hotwire Set £13.99
Lightwieght all-round quickdraw, 97g.
 Black Diamond Oz Set £14.99
Super-light wiregate quickdraw, 63g.
 Black Diamond Micro Stoppers £9.99
Tiny Rock Nuts. Singles and Sets
Black Diamond Nut Tool
A simple gadget for removing stuck gear.
 Black Diamond ATC Guide Belay Device £19.99
Versatile, self locking belay plate. 102g
 Black Diamond ATC Belay Device £13.00
Probably the most popular belay device in the world. 50g
 Black Diamond Super 8 Belay Device £9.99
The classic abseil device, 87g