Suunto X10M Military GPS Watch – IN STOCK

The NEW Suunto X10M is the latest upgrade for the Suunto wrist top GPS unit and is a direct replacement for the Suunto X9Mi. The Suunto X10M offers about 30% quicker fix than the old X9Mi and is comparable with hand held GPS units with longer antenna. We got the first one we had out of the box which to our knowledge had never been used in the UK and under pretty optimal GPS conditions it had it’s first fix in 94 seconds. The GPS receiver also tracks better in difficult conditions like heavy foliage and will hold it’s signal longer. The other main area of improvement is the battery life which again offers a 30% improvement over the X9Mi. The size, look and functions of the Suunto X10M are unchanged from the X9Mi. The only other real change is that the watch facia has been redesigned into one piece to make the X10M physically stronger.

This NEW Suunto watch is in stock and available on our website, just click the photo.

The standard X10 (non military version of the same watch) should be with us within a week or so but we are taking forward orders now if you wish to reserve one. Either order one on the website as usual or give us a ring.

x10m watch