New Improved Myo XP – In Stock

The New Petzl Myo XP and Myo XP belt are now in stock. Featuring a new LED that is claimed to be 200% brighter that the original version. The new LED kicks out 85 lumens which gives a 72m beam on maximum power which can be temporarily boosted to 150 lumens giving a  97m beam. Not only has the output increased but so has the battery life. Petzl now claim 180 hours on economic mode which is an increase of 10 hours over the original.

The Price has gone up by a few pounds but nothing too drastic. The Myo XP is £55 and the Myo XP Belt £65.

I will take one home tonight to compare the new output to the Prinecton Apex. The Apex is currently our most powerful headtorch but will it keep it’s crown?

We have a few original XP’s and XP Belts left, now at sale prices.