Exped New Product Frenzy

Firstly my apologies for not posting for a month and a half. The first 4 weeks I was on holiday and since then it has been plain disorganisation. What I have done however is to add lots of new producst from Exped. More dry bags, some accessories, some mosquito products and a great new kit bag. Hope you like them.

Exped Clear Sight Bags. The same reliable waterproof technology as the roll top bags but with a clear panel in bag for viewing the contents, making getting what you want quicker and easier.
Mat coupler kit. Some simple straps for keeping 2 mats next to each other during the night.
Pillow Pump. An anatomical shaped inflatable pillow that also allows speedy inflation of your sleeping mat.
Scout Hammock Mosquito Net. A complete wrap around mosquito net for your Scout hammock for use in tropical areas.
Mosquito Head Net Bag. A mosuito proof bag for your head that is also a very handy net bag that can be used for storing products that need to dry or need air
Airmat 7.5. A simple inflatable mattress from Exped but built to the same exacting outdoor standard as the rest of their products
Duffle Bag Pro 120. Super tough 120 litre kit bag with waterproof lining.