Suunto X9Mi – The latest hot suunto

The X9Mi is the military version of the popular X9i.

In essence the same watch as the standard X9i but with some important tweaks aimed at professional servicemen. First the body of the X9Mi is all black with a negative LCD screen, so it’s pretty much black all over. The back light is red rather than white making it safe to use at night.
You can choose between degrees or MILS for the compass depending on your needs and the position information can be configured to MGRS (military grid reference system). Add to all that the ability to enter waypoints and route information in the field plus track back and time to next waypoint and you have a great piece of kit for the professional soldier.

However most of the people buying them do not seem to be in the military but just seen to like the combination of the black watch body with the negative LCD screen. Funny how a small thing like LCD colour can make or break a new model of watch.
Anyway we are having trouble keeping them in stock, so if the website says they are on back order you can order one or ring us to confirm delivery date and get yours as soon as possible.