Coll Tex and G3 Climbing Skins ON SALE

Sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog for the last month or so. First we were just too busy for much posting and then I have been on holiday for a month. A fantastic month in Savoie, with some powder, touring and plenty of new product testing, but more of that later.
More important is our great climbing skin sale. Between £29 and £35 off all our remaining skins. Both G3 and Coll Tex are making small but important changes to their skins for next season so it’s a great chance to get this year’s skins really cheap.

Coll Tex are adding a new adjustable tip fitting loop for next year, that means that you will always have a good fit no matter what skis you have. G3 are also changing the tip fitting but are ditching the loop altogether and going for 2 hooks that clip over the edges of your skis. Both Coll Tex and G3 are sticking with the tension adjusters at the back of the ski.

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