New Leatherman Charge Tools

3 New tools from Leatherman, the Charge AL, Charge ALX and the new top of the range Charge TTI (below).

It’s a bit confusing but here is the explanation of what’s what.
The Original Charge Ti (now discontinued but still available) was a Titanium handled version of the classic Leatherman Wave. As well as the up specced handles the Blade steel was also a better quality (154CM) which allowed a sharper and longer lasting edge on the knife blade. Due to demand Leatherman then launched the Charge XTi (also discontinued) which was a Charge Ti with a couple of modifications to the blades. It got a cutting hook and cap crimper for the hunter but lost the scissors. So the Charge Ti and XTi were Wave derivatives.
Due to the cost of Titanium, Leatherman decided it could no longer make the Charge Ti and XTi for that price so they were replaced with the Charge AL and Charge ALX which are the same tools but with black anodised aluminium rather than titanium handles. So the Charge AL is an aluminium version of the wave with better blade steel and the Charge ALX is the same with the cutting hook and cap crimper.
Now Leatherman also make the range topping Charge TTi, which combines the Charge Ti and XTi as it has the titanium handles, cutting hook, cap crimper and the scissors plus all the other blades. This new tool is more expensive to allow for the greater cost of Titanium.