Randonee Glove – Best Ever Tested by Gore

Crikey, it’s been nearly a month since my last post. Sorry about that, it’s not that there is nothing going on at Facewest, it’s just with all the Christmas madness we haven’t had the time. As things steady up ( a bit ) into January things should be back to normal.

I was chatting to our Marmot rep the other day who told me about Gore and the Randonee Glove. Gore are quite selective about who they license to use Gore Tex fabric in order to maintain the brand reputation. Once they have agreed to sell you Gore Tex they also ask for samples of your clothing to test themselves for quality control. All great news for the consumer. The reason that Marmot are so happy is that this year’s Randonnee gloves, built with Gore Tex XCR membrane is the most breathable waterproof glove that Gore have ever tested. Considering that Gore only sell to the better manufacturers that is very high praise indeed.