ON SALE Avalanche Safety Gear

Some probes and shovels from last season that have changed a bit for this season and so are going on sale. Ortovox have launched a new probe locking mechanism called the PFA (Patented Flash Assembly) and so the standard (and perfectly functional) probes from last year go on sale. Sadly their is no Life Link UK importer this year. It was Mountain Works last year but they were aquired by K2 who dropped the brand and nobody has picked it up yet, so we are selling off the remains of our Life Link shovels, probes and poles.

Ortovox Probes
Ortovox 200 Lite was £45 now £35
Ortovox 240 lite was £42 now £35
Ortovox 240 standard was £49 now £39
Lifelink 3DXS Was £30 now £20
Lifelink Ice Pro Was £40 now £20
Lifelink 246 Probe Was £49 now £35
Lifelink 48″ Telescopic Poles & Carbon Poles were £100 now £70
Lifelink Teton Telescopic Poles were £50 now £35