NEW Training & Fitness Watches

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet on the blog lately we have been feverishly preparing the site for the influx of winter season products. All the new winter products and clothing ranges should go live at the end of this month and first couple of weeks of October. There are however some really great new products from Suunto that are available now.

Following on the success of the T6 sports training watch, Suunto have expanded the T (for training) series with the T1, T3 & T4

The T1 is the first model in the New Suunto T (training) series. Aimed at those who are more interested in overall results rather than detailed data analysis, the T1 provides all the standard heart rate features you would expect plus it cross references the data with your personal profile to say what that means to you personally (fat burning zone, cardivascular or endurance training). An excellent value tool for those getting into fitness training. £65
The T3 is the second model in the New Suunto T (training) series. Aimed at those who require more detailed information about their training. The T3 displays real time training effect, combined with advanced heart rate monitor features and compatible with the Suunto POD’s for wireless speed and distance information. A very versatile training tool. £95
The T4 is the third model in the New Suunto T (training) series. Aimed at those who are serious about their training. The T4 features the Suunto Coach which generates a 5-day plan for improving your aerobic condition. Employing Training Effect technology, it tells you which days to workout with information on duration and intensity. It will also decide which days you need to take a rest. A great tool for those who really want to improve. £135

To go with the HRM range suunto have a range of POD’s (peripheral observation device) that add wireless speed & distance information or pc compatibility to your HRM. Sadly the POD’s are not compatible with the T1. The real killer here is the GPS POD which allows really accurate speed and distance info no matter what sports or multi discipline event you are doing. Makes the set up similar to the Garmain Edge or Forerunner systems. Details of POD’s below. Suunto have really pushed into the fitness market with this new range challenging the likes of Polar for the high end HRM market.

The Suunto GPS POD employs the Global Positioning System to track speed and distance across a wide variety of outdoor activities including hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, inline skating and kayaking. It adds a new dimension to all POD-compatible Suunto heart rate monitors (Suunto t3, Suunto t4 and Suunto t6). £85

While running, Suunto Foot Pod enables you to measure your speed and distance, as well as heart rate and time, with your Suunto t3, t4 or t6. This results in a more complete picture of your training as well as enhanced functionality of your wristop computer and Suunto Training Manager software. £55
Engineered by Mavic, the Suunto Bike POD turns your Suunto t3, Suunto t4 or Suunto t6 into a wireless bike computer with current and average speeds, distance and interval alarms. Universal fork and spoke attachments fit any bike, positioning the POD out of harm’s way from rocks, stones and trunks. £30

The Suunto Road Bike POD turns your T series Suunto heart rate monitor (t3, t4 or T6) into a wireless bike computer.

Current and average speeds combined with distance and interval alarms make sessions in the saddle more fun and productive. Its integrated quick-release design is optimized for high-performance road riding.

Suunto PC POD’s wireless connection, with a 10 m range, allows you to send your training data directly to your PC. The special monitoring software delivered with the PC POD displays and records 1-3 athletes’ heart rate data, in real time during the exercise. Furthermore, you can also use the PC POD to download data from your Suunto t3 or t4 memory.
The Suunto SmartBelt is a sophisticated heart rate recorder and wireless transmitter. It also records data on an integrated memory chip for downloading and analyzing at a later time.