Keeping fit for Skiing

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet on the blog lately. I’ve been away on holiday for a month and Jake was too busy doing 2 jobs for regular posting. Normal service will now be resumed. Came across the post below on about skiing about summer fitness and skiing. Combines my 2 greatest sports Skiing and Biking. Hopefully you’ve had an active summer but as the weather deteriorates it’s easy to get slack and let it all go until after christmas. THE WINTER HAS NOT ARRIVED and biking in the wet never hurt anyone (except eddie kidd maybe). So get out on your bike, road or mountain, and keep your legs ready for that first early season powder day
Off Season Biking for Skiers.

Why is biking good for keeping in shape for skiing? First, it makes you use the quads and core muscles you use skiing, while being easy on the knees.

Second, it is a great aerobic exercise and, like skiing, bike riding requires short bursts of intensity to raise the heart rate. Running or jogging means maintaining a constant push on the heart rate (not to mention the knees), while biking has some downhill and flat coasting making for a great interval workout. With biking, you can raise the intensity and keep it raised to meet (or push) your heart rate zones.

You don’t need a $5000+ bicycle to use for conditioning, but the old one speed bike in the basement may tire you out pretty fast. A good 18 or 21 speed bike that fits your body properly will keep you comfortably pedaling for many enjoyable and rewarding rides.