NEW X Socks

X Socks are super technical socks that are sports specific. Some of the socks use a blend of 6 different fabrics to acheive just the right panel or feel for different parts of the foot. Who would have thought that a sock could be so complicated, but once you’ve used one you appreciate where all that work has gone. With X Socks Facewest is now offering sport specific socks in synthetic and wool varieties for Skiing, Boarding, Cycling, Running & Hiking. Happy feet for everyone

X Socks Skiing Light
X Socks Skiing Discovery
X Socks Snowboarding
X Socks Trekking Light
X Socks Hill Walking Short
X Socks Biking Ultralight
X Socks Mountain Biking Short
X Socks Mountain Biking Water Repellent
X Socks Speed One