New Thermarests

Thermarest have updated their Trek & Travel range with 2 new models of mat

Trail Comfort – This is the thickest, warmest and most comfortable mat in the Trek & Travel line. A good compromise for those that do a bit of everything. It’s light enough to carry trekking or back packing and comfy enough to use car camping. Comes in 2 sizes, Regular and Large. The large is longer and wider than the regular.

Trail Lite
– This is aimed at people who will carry their mat more frequently so want to really minimize the weight but don’t wish to ditch too much comfort by going down to the fast & light series of mats. Quite similar to the trail comfort but 3.8cm thich rather than 5. Comes in 3 sizes, regular and large like the trail comfort but also in small. This is the short version of the regular mat, same width but (you guessed it) shorter.

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