New Exped Dry Bags & Sleeping Mats

We have a whole range of new products from Exped.
Their range of Dry Bags has always been a very popular product and so we have added more.

Fold Dry Bags Black – the same sizes and shapes as the regular fold dry bags but now all in Black rather than colour coded by size. For use by the Military and people who like Black

Pack Liners Black – same as the regular ones but Black

Next from Exped we have the Sleeping Mat Chair. It’s a nylon cover that you put the mat inside, that adds a layer of protection to your mat and allows you to make a chair by folding the mat for extra camp comfort. An essential for camping trips and the beach

Exped Synmat is an inflating sleeping mattress with synthetic insulation. 3 times more heat is lost to the ground than to the air when you are camping so your mat is more important than your bag. These Synmats are warmer per weight than thermarests and pack up smaller. Really comfortable too.
If you are sleeping in a really cold environment, you may prefer the Exped Downmat. Filled with down feathers rather than synthetic it’s even warmer. For summer use you can get away with the Exped Airmat, which if filled with………air only! Offering virtually no insulation is a really comfy mat for summer use only. Packs up tiny and costs only £29

Get camping.