Petzl Cosmique / Cosmique Light Ice Axes

I know that June seems an odd time to update the ice axes we sell but there are a couple of good ones out there that I should have added last winter but was just too busy. If I don’t do it now, I might be too busy next winter!

The Petzl Charlet Cosmique Ice Axe is a classic straight shaft axe for general mountaineering. Good for piolet canne, self arrest and step chopping. It replaces the Petzl Guide axe that was dropped last year.

The Petzl Charlet Cosmique Light is a very similar axe but (you guessed it) of a lighter weight construction. The savings aren’t massive, only 80g in the 59cm size, but every little helps. If you save 80g on every piece of your kit you would be flying up those hills. The Cosmique Light won’t be so good for chopping steps but still a good classic axe