Climbing Harnesses Updated and New ones added

Just completed a review of the climbing harnesses we sell. Sorry, some of the images were outdated but they have all be revamped now.
I added 2 new harnesses, the Petzl Aspir and Black Diamond Alpine Bod.
Both pretty minimalist harnesses for the alpinist and ski tourer rather than sport climbers.
The Aspir is a great harness for those that do a little climbing and alittle ski touring or glacier work. It’s got enough padding for those that don’t climb that often or hang on the rope when they do but small and light enough to take on limited kit trips like ski touring or multi day walking trips.
The Alpine Pod is aimed directly at the ski touring/alpinist lot. It’s got plenty of gear loops, enough padding but not much and is really light. The funky leg loop design makes it easy to put on wearing ski boots but you need to do it up properly.
Both great harnesses for slightly different users

alpine+bod aspir