Jetboil GCS Group Cooking System

Following on from the popular Jetboil PCS is the new Jetboil GCS. In fact it uses the same burner unit with built in sparker but rather than the 1 litre companion cup it has a 1.5 litre cooking pot. The new cooking pot, like the companion cup, features an integral flux ring which means a super effcient transfer of heat from the burner to the pot. Because the new cooking pot is wider than base the GCS also features some stabiliser legs for the gas cartridge to keep your dinner upright!

Because the PCS and GCS have the same burner unit all the parts are interchangeable. If you already own a Jetboil PCS then buy the Pot Stand & Stabiliser and the 1.5 L Cooking Pot and then you own the GCS as well. Similarily if you buy the GCS and a spare companion cup then you also have both systems. So cooking alone or with friends you have a super efficient cooking system.

The pot stand and stabiliser accessory also allows you use flat bottomed standard cookware with the Jetboil. Using standard cookware (i.e. without the flux ring) just turns your jetboil into a standard gas cooker, nothing wrong with that as it is a very good quality stove but the real fuel and time savings come from the flux ring.

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