Ain’t Cycling Brilliant

I have started work on the Facewest cycle section, which can be found here Facewest Bike Section.
Aimed primarily at the cycle tourist rather than racers or downhillers, we hope to offer the same quality range of products that we already offer to winter sports enthusiasts.
I realised that we already had most of the lightweight camping gear and performance clothing that is common to cyclo tourists, walkers and backpackers, but we needed to add the panniers, racks, bar bags and other cycle specific items so we could fully equip you (minus the actual bike) for your cycle trip. The Merino base layers that we sell are already popular with cyclists but we will shortly be adding a new Merino brand in Smartwool, stocking their base layers and expanding our sock range. A pair of their thick Merino cycling socks are perfect for colder days on the bike, while the thinner ones are comfy all year round. We have added Agu luggage to compliment Ortleib, as not everyone needs tough expedition luggage for their daily commute. We will keep adding more as time allows.
If there is a particular product that you think we should sell or are obviously missing then please email me your suggestions. Use the address in my profile.
Cycling is probably my greatest passion, time trailing and racing is great but cycling allows the whole family to get out together and get about a bit. Both my kids are under 2 so it’s a trailer for me and my wife Rosie, a nice ride and a coffee somewhere nice along the way. Go Cycling!