Welcome to the Facewest Blog

Welcome (again) to the Facewest blog. After an abortive attempt a while back we are now back on the blog trail. Facewest is an adventure sports equipment retailer. We are a small company that specialise in quality products for adventures. We sell some very specialised kit, like avalanche transceivers and climbing skins plus some not so specialised ones like backpacks and socks. There are just 5 of us, Jake, Jon, Gerry, James and me (stuart), everything you see on the website, hear on the phone and get in the post is done by one of us. We are a compact company that focus on good advice and great customer service.
We hope the blog will not just been a forum for us to mention new products and sales etc (although we will do that) but also for people to ask for advice and discuss their own kit and experiences. We will soon publish a series of articles about back country skiing and snowboarding that I have written and hope to build up a reference store of similar information.